Ambrose Campbell

Ambrose Campbell (* 19. August 1919 in Lagos als Oladipupo Adekoya Campbell bogner daunenjacke 2016; † 22. Juni 2006 in Plymouth) war ein britischer Musiker (Gitarre, Perkussion, Gesang, Bandleader) nigerianischer Herkunft, der vor allem in der Weltmusik und der Popmusik hervorgetreten ist. Er leitete die erste „schwarze“ Band in Großbritannien und beeinflusste mit seiner westafrikanischen Musik zahlreiche Musiker der britischen Jazzszene.

Campbell, Sohn eines Priesters, sang zunächst im Kirchenchor, bevor er als Jugendlicher bei Herbert Macaulay lebte Bogner Skijacke Damen 2016. In dieser Zeit spielte er mit Freunden Palmwine Music und wurde dann Drucker, bevor er als Matrose anheuerte. Nach mehreren Fahrten lebte er in London, wo er 1946 mit Brewster Hughes die Band West African Rhythm Brothers gründete, die Les Ballets Nègre begleitete, das erste afrikanische Ballett, das in Großbritannien auf Tour ging. Die Band war in den frühen 1950er Jahren sehr erfolgreich, präsentierte Highlife in London und beeinflusste Musiker wie Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Kenny Graham oder Phil Seamen, der die gelernten Rhythmen später an Schlagzeuger der nächsten Jazz- und Popgeneration wie John Stevens oder Ginger Baker weitergab. Mitte der 1950er Jahre erweiterte er die Rhythm Brothers um Bläser wie Zeal Onyia und Harry Beckett und wechselte auch zum Piano. Die Band fungierte auch als West African Swing Stars. Colin MacInnes setzte ihm in seinem Roman City of Spades (1957) ein Denkmal. 1957 ging er mit seiner Band auf Tournee nach Nigeria. In den 1960er Jahren ging er auch nach Italien auf Gastspielreise. Nachdem er bereits in den 1950er Jahren einige Singles für Melodisc aufgenommen hatte, folgte sein multikulturell geprägtes Album Highlife Today erst 1968. 1972 zog er in die Vereinigten Staaten, wo er als Perkussionist mit Leon Russell zusammenarbeitete, auf dessen Platten spielte und mit ihm weltweit auf Tourneen ging. Er war an dem Grammy-Erfolg One for the Road (1979) mit Russell und Willie Nelson beteiligt und arbeitete seit 1982 in Nashville auch als Studiomusiker. Daneben nahm er eigene Musik auf. 2004 kehrte er nach England zurück Bogner Online Shop, wo er weitere Aufnahmen einspielte.

Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou

Geoffrey V (24 August 1113 – 7 September 1151) — called the Handsome or the Fair (French: le Bel) and Plantagenet — was the Count of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine by inheritance from 1129 and then Duke of Normandy by conquest from 1144. By his marriage to the Empress Matilda, daughter and heiress of Henry I of England, Geoffrey had a son, Henry Curtmantle, who succeeded to the English throne as King Henry II (1154-1189) and founded the Plantagenet dynasty the name of which was taken from Geoffrey’s epithet.

Geoffrey was the elder son of Foulques V d’Anjou and Eremburga de La Flèche, daughter of Elias I of Maine. He was named after his great-grandfather Geoffrey II, Count of Gâtinais. Geoffrey received his nickname from the yellow sprig of broom blossom (genêt is the French name for the planta genista, or broom shrub) he wore in his hat.:9:1 King Henry I of England, having heard good reports on Geoffrey’s talents and prowess, sent his royal legates to Anjou to negotiate a marriage between Geoffrey and his own daughter, Empress Matilda. Consent was obtained from both parties, and on 10 June 1128 the fifteen-year-old Geoffrey was knighted in Rouen by King Henry in preparation for the wedding.
Geoffrey and Matilda’s marriage took place in 1128. The marriage was meant to seal a peace between England/Normandy and Anjou. She was eleven years older than Geoffrey, and very proud of her status as empress dowager (as opposed to being a mere countess). Their marriage was a stormy one with frequent long separations, but she bore him three sons and survived him.:14–18
The year after the marriage Geoffrey’s father left for Jerusalem (where he was to become king), leaving Geoffrey behind as count of Anjou. John of Marmoutier describes Geoffrey as handsome, red-headed, jovial, and a great warrior; however, Ralph of Diceto alleges that his charm camouflaged a cold and selfish character.[citation needed]
When King Henry I died in 1135, Matilda at once entered Normandy to claim her inheritance

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. The border districts submitted to her, but England chose her cousin Stephen of Blois for its king, and Normandy soon followed suit. The following year, Geoffrey gave Ambrieres, Gorron, and Chatilon-sur-Colmont to Juhel de Mayenne, on condition that he help obtain the inheritance of Geoffrey’s wife.
In 1139 Matilda landed in England with 140 knights, where she was besieged at Arundel Castle by King Stephen. In the „Anarchy“ which ensued, Stephen was captured at Lincoln in February 1141, and imprisoned at Bristol. A legatine council of the English church held at Winchester in April 1141 declared Stephen deposed and proclaimed Matilda „Lady of the English“. Stephen was subsequently released from prison and had himself recrowned on the anniversary of his first coronation.
During 1142 and 1143, Geoffrey secured all of Normandy west and south of the Seine, and, on 14 January 1144, he crossed the Seine and entered Rouen. He assumed the title of Duke of Normandy in the summer of 1144. In 1144, he founded an Augustine priory at Chateau-l’Ermitage in Anjou. Geoffrey held the duchy until 1149, when he and Matilda conjointly ceded it to their son, Henry, which cession was formally ratified by King Louis VII of France the following year.
Geoffrey also put down three baronial rebellions in Anjou, in 1129, 1135, and 1145–1151. He was often at odds with his younger brother, Elias, whom he had imprisoned until 1151. The threat of rebellion slowed his progress in Normandy, and is one reason he could not intervene in England. In 1153, the Treaty of Wallingford stipulated that Stephen should remain King of England for life and that Henry, the son of Geoffrey and Matilda should succeed him.
Geoffrey died suddenly on 7 September 1151. According to John of Marmoutier, Geoffrey was returning from a royal council when he was stricken with fever. He arrived at Château-du-Loir, collapsed on a couch, made bequests of gifts and charities, and died. He was buried at St. Julien’s Cathedral in Le Mans France.
Geoffrey and Matilda’s children were:
Geoffrey also had illegitimate children by an unknown mistress (or mistresses): Hamelin; Emme, who married Dafydd Ab Owain Gwynedd, Prince of North Wales; and Mary, who became a nun and Abbess of Shaftesbury and who may be the poetess Marie de France. Adelaide of Angers is sometimes sourced as being the mother of Hamelin.
It has long been thought that the earliest documented instance of heraldry was that in a report by Jean de Marmentier, a late-12th-century chronicler, that in 1128 Henry I of England knighted his son-in-law Geoffrey and granted him a badge of gold lions. A gold lion may already have been Henry’s own badge, and different lion motifs would later be used by many of his descendants. An enamel effigy (funerary plaque) created at the direction of his widow shows Geoffrey with a shield with gold lions on a blue background. Thus, this may be evidence of one of the first authentic representations of a coat of arms and, according to British historian Jim Bradbury, „suggests possible evidence for the early use of what became the English royal arms“. Bradbury also concedes, however, that „this is often discredited as written later“ (i.e., two or three generations later by de Marmentier). According to French medievalist Michel Pastoureau, „for a long time heraldists believed that the earliest documented arms were those of Geoffrey Plantagenet…unfortunately [the] text was written after the death of Geoffrey…and the funerary plaque was created around 1155–60, at the request of his widow…. So Geoffrey Plantagenet probably never bore arms.“ Pastoureau adds that „Moreover, it has yet to be established which are the oldest extant arms, although that is a rather futile exercise“.
Geoffrey was portrayed by actor Bruce Purchase in the 1978 BBC TV series The Devil’s Crown, which dramatised the reigns of his son and grandsons in England.
Geoffrey is an important character in Sharon Penman’s novel When Christ and His Saints Slept, which deals with the war between his wife and King Stephen. The novel dramatises their stormy marriage and Geoffrey’s invasion of Normandy on his wife’s behalf.
Geoffrey features in Elizabeth Chadwick’s novel Lady of the English which tells the story of Empress Matilda between 1125 and 1148. He also features in the first novel of Elizabeth Chadwick’s trilogy about Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Summer Queen.


Caipirinha [kajpiˈrĩjɐ/kajpiˈrĩɲɐ] ist ein aus Brasilien stammender Cocktail. Volkstümlich aus Cachaça (Pinga), Limettensaft, Zucker und Eis bestehend (Caipirinha de Pinga), wird der Schnaps auch durch Wodka (Caipirinha de Vodka oder Caipiroska) und in Südbrasilien noch durch Rotwein (Caipirinha de Vinho) ersetzt.
Die Bezeichnung Caipirinha ist abgeleitet vom brasilianischen caipira, das generisch Landbewohner

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, abwertend aber auch Hinterwäldler bedeutet. Caipirinha (die Verkleinerungsform von caipira) übersetzt sich am besten mit den Begriffen Landei oder Unschuld vom Lande ins Deutsche. Trotz ihres Namens war die Caipirinha ursprünglich ein Cocktail der ländlichen Oberschicht und verbreitete sich nach Ende des Ersten Weltkrieges in den Großstädten, während im Landesinneren der Zuckerrohrschnaps meistens pur genossen wird.
Der Caipirinha ist ein populärer und mittlerweile weltweit getrunkener Cocktail. Er wird gelegentlich auch – in Anlehnung an die portugiesische weibliche Form (a caipirinha) – als die Caipirinha bezeichnet. Im deutschen Sprachraum ist auch die Kurzbezeichnung Caipi verbreitet.

Die Eigenart des Caipirinha besteht darin, dass der Fruchtsaft durch Zerdrücken der Limettenstücke im Trinkglas selbst erzeugt wird, die ganze Frucht im Getränk bleibt und der Drink im Glas mit Zucker, Eis und Cachaça komplettiert und umgerührt wird.
In Anlehnung an den klassischen Caipirinha werden viele weitere Cocktails in einer unzähligen Variantenvielfalt gemixt und angeboten. Diese unterscheiden sich meist dadurch voneinander, dass der Cachaça durch eine andere Spirituose ersetzt wird.
In Brasilien werden solche Mixgetränke meist ebenfalls Caipirinha genannt. Auf der Karte sind dann die verschiedenen Grundlagen für den Cocktail angegeben. Weit verbreitet sind Caipirinhas mit Wodka (Caipiroschka, Caipiroska, Caipirovka, Caipivodka oder Caipirowska genannt), Rum (Caipirissima), Aperol/Campari (Caipirol/Camparinha), Kräuterschnäpsen (Underberg), Likören (Cuarenta y Tres), Steinhäger oder auch Wein ted baker deutschland. Insbesondere in der brasilianischen Stadt São Paulo wird sehr gerne eine Variante mit japanischem Reiswein (Caipisake) getrunken. Dies lässt sich darauf zurückführen, dass in São Paulo (vor allem im Quartier Liberdade) die größte japanische Gemeinde außerhalb Japans lebt. Mit nahezu jeder Sorte Schnaps oder anderem Getränk – oder durch Austausch einer der anderen Komponenten (z. B. Caipifruta, das in Brasilien übliche Ersetzen oder Kombinieren der Limetten mit anderen Früchten wie Maracuja, Kiwi, Ananas oder Mango) oder Hinzufügen weiterer – können caipirinhaähnliche alkoholhaltige oder alkoholfreie Cocktails gemixt werden.
Gelegentlich wird das Glas auch mit Ginger Ale aufgefüllt. Diese alkoholfreie Variante des Caipirinha ist als „Caipiginger“, „Fresh Maker“, „Virgin Caipi“ oder „Ipanema“ bekannt. Eine weitere alkoholfreie Variante stellt das Auffüllen mit Red Bull dar („Caipibull“ oder „Virgin Bull“ genannt)

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Auf Weihnachtsmärkten wird mitunter „Heißer Caipi“ angeboten: Ein heißer Limettentrunk (mit den ausgedrückten Stücken), Zucker und einem Schuss Cachaça.
2008 unterschrieb der brasilianische Landwirtschaftsminister Reinhold Stephanes ein Gesetz, das die Inhalte und Zubereitung eines Caipirinha verbindlich festlegte. Nach Protesten wurde das Gesetz kurz darauf zurückgezogen und von einem Missverständnis gesprochen.
Mittlerweile ist das Getränk aber international so bekannt, dass es auch auf der offiziellen Liste der International Bartenders Association aufgelistet ist.

Christopher Blount

Sir Christopher Blount (1555/1556 – 18 March 1601) was an English soldier, secret agent, and rebel. He served as a leading household officer of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester. A Catholic, Blount corresponded with Mary, Queen of Scots’s Paris agent, Thomas Morgan, probably as a double agent. After the Earl of Leicester’s death he married the Dowager Countess, Lettice Knollys, mother of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. Blount became a comrade-in-arms and confidant of the Earl of Essex and was a leading participant in the latter’s rebellion in February 1601. About five weeks later he was beheaded on Tower Hill for high treason.
Christopher Blount was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, the younger son of Thomas Blount

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, a relative of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester on the Earl’s mother’s side, and one of his chief household officers until his death in 1568. Blount’s mother was Mary Poley from a Suffolk Catholic family. As a child Christopher Blount was sent to Louvain to be privately tutored by William Allen. Despite being a Catholic, he was Gentleman of the Horse to the Earl of Leicester by 1584. He corresponded with Thomas Morgan in Paris, the exiled agent of Mary Replica Bogner sale, Queen of Scots. Apparently Blount offered to „do [her] notable service“. In his dealings with Morgan Blount probably had the backing of Leicester and Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster. Leicester trusted Blount, calling him „Mr. Kytt“ and caring for his well-being. Blount served in the Netherlands Campaign from 1585 till 1587, when Leicester was Governor-General there.
In the spring of 1589, about seven months after the Earl’s death, Blount married his widow, Lettice Knollys, whom Queen Elizabeth hated for having married the Earl of Leicester. Accordingly, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, Lettice’s son and the new favourite of the Queen, termed this an „unhappy choice“. Lettice seems to have been very happy with her choice, as is shown by her later correspondence. Lady Leicester (she continued to be styled thus) and Sir Christopher were busy repaying the Earl of Leicester’s colossal debts and were engaged in numerous lawsuits because of this.
Blount was Member of Parliament for Staffordshire bogner ski outlet, where he lived, in the Parliaments of 1593 and 1597; he was elected at the instance of the Earl of Essex, who was influential in the county. In 1596, Blount was a colonel in the Cadiz expedition, and in 1597 in that to the Azores. One of the main followers of the Earl of Essex, he became much involved in the latter’s rebellion in 1601. On Sunday, 8 February, he tried to raise London, riding side by side with his stepson, the Earl, and was badly wounded in the cheek. Following his arrest, he was carried on a litter to his trial, still weak from his injury. He was beheaded about four weeks after Essex on Tower Hill for high treason.

Heavy Rotation Tour

The Heavy Rotation Tour is the second concert tour by American singer-songwriter Anastacia in support of her fourth studio album Heavy Rotation which was released in 2008. The tour visited Europe.

The tour was briefly mentioned in November 2008 by Anastacia. During an online chat session with fans, she stated, „There will be a tour but I’ve still not decided when. It’s looking like it will be mid-to-end of 2009. […] All I can confirm is that it will be a global tour. I’ll come to Asia and Australia first, then I’ll do a big stint in Europe and then America.“. A month later, fan footage of Anastacia leaving a hotel in Switzerland was posted on YouTube. When fans asked about the touring Zurich, Anastacia replied, „We don’t have Zurich on the map yet. […] I know one of the territories close to you is Geneva […] I’m not even going to Rome on this one. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to come that just how they’re doing the routing.“ The tour was confirmed via Anastacia’s official website on February 27, 2009.
Keely Myers and Chris Vaughan of The Production Office (TPO) were responsible for the Technical Production of the tour. TPO have produced many rock and pop tours including Muse bogner skijacke, Take That and Children in Need Rocks Royal Albert Hall to name a few. The creative director and producer of the Heavy Rotation Tour is Kim Gavin, who also worked with 2007/2008 Viva La Diva Tour with Darcey Bussell and Katherine Jenkins as well as for Take That and the Concert for Diana. Live Nation has been listed as the tour promoter. The tour venues are smaller compared to the ones where Anastacia performed during her first concert tour, but she said that she wanted to create a more intimate show for her fans. Tour managed to sell 152,000 tickets for 32 dates.
Anastacia made an appearance on This Morning on May 20, 2009 to promote the tour, where she also described the theme of the show as : „[…] a full day in the life

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…“ because of the fact that many of her songs are „very storytelling“ as well as „[…] a little bit Midler, a lot of theatre action going on, but video as well“. On May 22, 2009 Anastacia announced on her official blog that her mother will also be appearing with her on stage (between July 9 and July 19) during the shows in Italy, Graz, Prague and Girona.
Saint Petersburg / Verona
1 Was not performed at selected dates
Cancelled Dates:
^ A This concert is a part of Live at the Marquee ^ B This concert is a part of the Face to Face Tour by Elton John ^ C This concert is a part of the Lucca Summer Festival ^ D This concert is an entertainment part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum event toms shoes uk 2016. Anastacia is announced as a special guest with Duran Duran as the main act. ^ E This concert is part of the Los Veranos de la Villa festival. ^ F This concert is part of the Feria de Julio festival. ^ G This concert is part of the Jardins de Cap Roig festival.
Anastacia’s tour generated positive reviews:

Uli Kempendorff

Ulrich „Uli“ Kempendorff (* 1981 in Berlin) ist ein deutscher Jazzmusiker (Saxophon, Klarinette, Querflöte)

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Kempendorff studierte von 2000 bis 2004 an der Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin und als DAAD-Stipendiat 2006/2007 am City College of New York. Seine Lehrer waren unter anderem Tony Malaby, Gebhard Ullmann, Rich Perry

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, John Patitucci und George Garzone. Von 2002 bis 2004 war er Mitglied der Konzertbesetzung des Bujazzo unter der Leitung von Peter Herbolzheimer und John Ruocco. 2007 war Kempendorff Preisträger beim Concours International in Fribourg. Konzerte und Festivals führten ihn durch Deutschland, die Schweiz, Kanada, Schweden, Frankreich, Tschechien, Mazedonien, Polen, Italien, Mexiko und die USA.
Kempendorff leitet und komponiert für sein eigenes Quartett Field mit Ronny Graupe,Jonas Westergaard und Oliver Steidle. Außerdem arbeitet er regelmäßig in Bands mit und von Ulrich Gumpert, Benjamin Weidekamp, Reinhold Schmölzer, Hannes Zerbe, Tobias Delius, Henrik Walsdorff, Christian Weidner, Johannes Lauer, Christian Lillinger bogner daunenjacke 2016, Gebhard Ullmann, Sebastian Merk, Lucia Cadotsch, Michael Griener, Ignaz Schick und Stefan Schultze.
Kempendorff war 2010 Initiator der Konzertreihe Serious Series im Kreuzberger Senatsreservenspeicher. Er ist gemeinsam mit Stefan Schultze und Jan Schreiner Gründer des Berlin Art Orchester. Seit 2004 unterrichtet Kempendorff als Dozent an der Musikschule des Landkreises Barnim.


Rudnia-Żurawlowa lub Żurawlewa Rudnia (białorus. Жураўлёва Рудня, Żuraulowa Rudnia[a], ros. Рудня Журавлёва, Rudnia Żurawlowa) – wieś na Białorusi, w obwodzie homelskim, w rejonie brahińskim, w sielsowiecie Uhły.

Wieś znajduje się 18 km na północ od Brahina, 35 km od stacji kolejowej Chojniki (na odgałęzieniu Wasilewicze-Chojniki od linii Kalinkowicze-Homel, 148 km od Homla, nad rzeką Brahinka. Połączenie drogowe poprzez wiejską drogę lokalną, a następnie drogą łączącą Brahin z drogą Łojów-Rzeczyca kurtki bogner.
Wieś w 2004 roku liczyła 66 gospodarstw i 189 mieszkańców. Jej plan składa się z prostoliniowej ulicy przechodzącej przez centrum, do której pod kątem prostym ze wschodu dochodzi krótka, szeroka ulica z zaułkiem. Zabudowa miejscowości jest drewniana, tradycyjnie wiejska. Znajduje się w niej centrum kołchozu im. W. Czkałowa, klub, biblioteka, punkt felczersko-akuszerski, węzeł łączności, warsztat krawiecki, sklep. W pobliżu wsi znajdują się złoża rudy żelaza i torfu.
Na podstawie źródeł pisanych miejscowość znana jest od XVI wieku jako wieś Rudnia w Królestwie Polskim. Po II rozbiorze Polski w 1793 roku znalazła się w składzie Imperium Rosyjskiego. W 1850 roku stanowiła własność hrabiny Rokickiej, liczyła 15 gospodarstw i 125 mieszkańców. W 1888 roku znajdowała się w powiecie rzeczyckim kurtki bogner, w 1. okręgu policyjnym, w gminie Brahin i liczyła 19 osad pełnodziałowych. Według spisu powszechnego z 1897 roku znajdował się w niej 35 gospodarstw i 226 mieszkańców. W 1908 roku wchodziła w skład wołosti ruczajowskiej powiatu rzeczyckiego guberni mińskiej, liczyła 40 gospodarstw i 241 mieszkańców. W 1921 roku znajdowało się w niej 19 budynków. Od 8 grudnia 1926 do 30 grudnia 1927 roku stanowiła centrum administracyjne sielsowietu Żurawlewa Rudnia, który najpierw wchodził w skład rejonu łojowskiego, od 4 sierpnia 1927 roku − rejonu brahińskiego okręgu rzeczyckiego, a od 9 czerwca 1927 roku − okręgu homelskiego Białoruskiej SRR. W 1930 roku znajdowało się w niej 59 gospodarstw, 361 mieszkańców i 716 ha ziemi. W 1931 roku we wsi zorganizowano kołchoz. W 1940 roku liczyła 78 gospodarstw i 385 mieszkańców. W czasie II wojny światowej w 1943 roku Niemcy całkowicie spalili wieś i zabili 16 mieszkańców. Według spisu z 1959 roku zamieszkiwało ją 350 osób.

Strawberry, Marin County, California

Strawberry, California is a census-designated place (CDP) and an unincorporated district of Mill Valley in Marin County, California, United States. It is separated from Mill Valley by U.S. Route 101. The population was 5,393 at the 2010 census.

Strawberry is located at 37°53′49″N 122°30′32″W / 37.89694°N 122.50889°W / 37.89694; -122.50889.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 1.3 square miles (3.4 km2), of which, 1.3 square miles (3.4 km2) of it is land and 0.02 square miles (0.052 km2) of it (1.14%) is water.
Ring Mountain, holding significant evidence of Native American habitation, dominates the high ground east of Strawberry on the Tiburon Peninsula.
Strawberry Spit was once the gathering site of harbor seals, who previously lived and fished here, but after development on the spit began in the 1980s they left.[citation needed]
Strawberry is the site of a major transfer bus stop for Golden Gate Transit.
The 2010 United States Census reported that 5,393 people, 2,510 households, and 1,307 families resided in the CDP. The population density was 4,094.9 people per square mile (1,581.1/km²). There were 2,729 housing units at an average density of 2,048.4 per square mile (790.9/km²). The racial makeup of the CDP was 80.2% White (76.1% non-Hispanic), 2.1% African American, 0.3% Native American, 10.9% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 1.8% from other races, and 4.3% from two or more races. 6.5% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race.
The Census reported that 95.4% of the population lived in households, 4.5% lived in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 0.1% were institutionalized.
There were 2,510 households out of which 25.5% had children under the age of 18 living in them, 41.0% were opposite-sex married couples living together, 8.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 3.1% had a male householder with no wife present. 4.6% of households were unmarried opposite-sex partnerships and 0.8% were same-sex married couples or partnerships. 40.6% of households were made up of individuals and 14.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older bogner online shop. The average household size was 2.05 and the average family size was 2.80.
The population was spread out with 19.9% under the age of 18, 4.2% aged 18 to 24, 27.7% aged 25 to 44, 30.8% aged 45 to 64, and 17.5% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 44.0 years. For every 100 females there were 90.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 86.5 males.
There were 2,729 housing units of which 39.2% were owner-occupied and 60.8% were occupied by renters. The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.4%; the rental vacancy rate was 2.4%. 44.2% of the population lived in owner-occupied housing units and 51.2% lived in rental housing units.
As of the census of 2000, there were 5,302 people, 2,435 households, and 1,246 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 3,901.7 people per square mile (1,505.2/km²). There were 2,513 housing units at an average density of 1,849.3 per square mile (713.4/km²). The racial makeup of the CDP in 2010 was 76.1% non-Hispanic White, 2.1% non-Hispanic African American, 0.2% Native American, 10.9% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 0.3% from other races, and 3.5% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 6.5% of the population.
There were 2,435 households out of which 23.9% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 41.4% were married couples living together, 7.2% had a female householder with no husband present, and 48.8% were non-families. 38.8% of all households were made up of individuals and 9.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.08 and the average family size was 2.79.
In the CDP the population was spread out with 18.7% under the age of 18, 4.7% from 18 to 24, 35.2% from 25 to 44, 29.9% from 45 to 64, and 11.4% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 40 years. For every 100 females there were 93.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 90.0 males.
The median income for a household in the CDP was $70,432, and the median income for a family was $99,409. Males had a median income of $70,298 versus $46,336 for females. The per capita income for the CDP was $50,581. About 4.0% of families and 7.1% of the population were below the poverty line, including 6.5% of those under age 18 and 2.9% of those age 65 or over.
Strawberry is home to one public school and one private college: Strawberry Point School (K – 5) and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Strawberry is in the Mill Valley School District, the Tamalpais Union High School District and the Marin Community College District. Strawberry is in the attendance areas for Mill Valley Middle School and Tamalpais High School.
Strawberry Point School opened in 1952. Starting in 1956, 7th and 6th grade students attended Alto Junior High School, until Edna Maguire Junior High School opened in 1957. Edna Maguire is now an elementary school. Starting in 1969, 6th

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, 7th and 8th grade students attended Mill Valley Middle School. Strawberry Point School closed in 1990 and reopened in 2000. Huey Lewis attended Strawberry Point School in the 1950s, where he skipped second grade.
The song „Mill Valley“, recorded in 1970 and released on the album Miss Abrams and the Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class , became a nationwide hit. (Listen to a clip of „Mill Valley“.)
The site of the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary on Strawberry Point was considered for the headquarters for the United Nations. This was because in the forties when the UN was established in San Francisco, Strawberry was undeveloped. It was seen as a tranquil and peaceful setting. New York City was eventually chosen.
Strawberry is unincorporated, receiving most of its general government services from Marin County. It is in the 3rd Supervisorial District and, as of 2007[update], is represented by Supervisor Charles McGlashan. Some residents have been struggling for years to become an incorporated part of Tiburon, not Mill Valley. However, any vote that comes up before the residents is voted down.[citation needed]
The Strawberry Recreation District provides limited services in the area, including recreation facilities and management of garbage and recycling collection. It has an elected board of five directors. District boundaries do not exactly match those of the CDP.
Strawberry is in the Southern Marin Fire Protection District, which also serves Tamalpais Valley, Homestead Valley, Almonte, Alto, part of the Town of Tiburon, and, since 2004, the City of Sausalito. Prior to the creation of the District in 1999, Strawberry was in the Alto-Richardson Fire Protection District.
Strawberry shares a zip code (94941) with Mill Valley (hence, addresses in Strawberry are listed as „Mill Valley“) and falls within its school districts. However, it is considered within the sphere of influence of the Town of Tiburon, and there have been several unsuccessful ballot measures to incorporate into Tiburon. In the 1960s, before the creation of „Sphere of Influence“ as a legal concept, there had been several other attempts to incorporate Strawberry into Mill Valley, but these too were voted down by Strawberry residents.

Gebhard Amann

Gebhard Friedrich Amann (* 29. Mai 1899 in Hohenems; † 31. Mai 1979 ebenda) war ein österreichischer Politiker (CS, ÖVP) und Abteilungsleiter der Landwirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg. Amann war von 1934 bis 1938 und von 1945 bis 1964 Abgeordneter zum Vorarlberger Landtag.
Gebhard Amann wurde am 29. Mai 1899 als Sohn des Stickers Gebhard Amann (senior) und dessen Frau Elisabeth in Hohenems geboren. In seiner Heimatgemeinde besuchte er die Volks- und Bürgerschule, ehe er seine erste Arbeitsstelle als Stickereiarbeiter antrat. 1917 wurde der junge Gebhard Amann zum Kriegsdienst im 2. Kaiserschützenregiment eingezogen. Nach der Rückkehr aus dem Krieg und der Wiederanstellung im Stickereibetrieb Alois Amann wurde Gebhard Amann 1919 Mitglied der Gewerkschaft christlicher Arbeiter in der Stickerei sowie Parteimitglied der Christlichsozialen Partei. Ab dem Jahr 1921 trat Gebhard Amann eine neue Anstellung als Gärtner, Chauffeur und Hausverwalter des Grafen Waldburg-Zeil im Palast Hohenems an.
Nach der Inkraftsetzung der Maiverfassung am 1. Mai 1934 und der damit verbundenen Einleitung des austrofaschistischen Ständestaats wurde Gebhard Amann am 14 Bogner Outlet. November 1934 nach den Bestimmungen der neuen Verfassung als Standesvertreter des Berufsstands Land- und Forstwirtschaft als Landtagsabgeordneter bestellt. Am 26. April 1937 heiratete er in Innsbruck die gebürtige Lustenauerin Rosina Rosalia Hämmerle, mit der er in weiterer Folge sechs gemeinsame Kinder bekam. Als mit dem Anschluss Österreichs an Deutschland am 12. März 1938 die österreichische Eigenstaatlichkeit endete, erlosch zugleich auch Amanns politisches Mandat im Landtag. Amann selbst wurde im Jahr 1938 als politischer Gegner der Nationalsozialisten verhaftet und kurze Zeit inhaftiert. Am 4. April 1945 wurde er sogar fälschlicherweise mit Beschluss des Landesgerichts Feldkirch für tot erklärt.
Nach der Befreiung durch die Alliierten und der Wiederherstellung der österreichischen Eigenstaatlichkeit wurde Gebhard Amann bei der ersten freien Landtagswahl am 25. November 1945 als Abgeordneter des Wahlbezirks Feldkirch zum Vorarlberger Landtag gewählt. In diesem fungierte er in insgesamt vier Legislaturperioden unter anderem von 1949 bis 1964 als erster Landtagsvizepräsident und von 1958 bis 1964 außerdem als Klubobmann des ÖVP-Landtagsklubs. Nach der Landtagswahl 1964 schied Gebhard Amann am 28. Oktober 1964 aus dem Vorarlberger Landtag aus. Beruflich war Gebhard Amann von 1948 bis 1965 als Leiter der Sektion der land- und forstwirtschaftlichen Dienstnehmer in der Landwirtschaftskammer für Vorarlberg tätig.
Landtagspräsident: Ilg (1945) | Feuerstein (1949) | Tizian (1964) | Purtscher (1974) | Jäger (1987) | Gasser (1994) | Dörler (1999) | Halder (2004) | Mennel (2009) | Nußbaumer (2012) | Sonderegger (2014)
1. Landtagsvizepräsident: Feuerstein (1945) | Amann (1949) | Peter (1964) | Heinzle (1969) | Berchtold (1984) | Gehrer (1989) | Aberer (1990) | Bernhard (1991) | Lampert (1994) | Amann (1999) | Nußbaumer (2004) | Ritter (2012) | Hagen (2014)
2. Landtagsvizepräsident: Bertsch (1945) | Gohm (1949) | Moosbrugger (1954) | Heinzle (1964) | Peter (1969) | Steurer (1970) | Stecher (1976) | Falschlunger (1979) | Keckeis (1993) | Schuler (1994) | Lampert (1999) | Halder (2003) | Mennel (2004) | Hagen (2009) | Nußbaumer (2014)

Matthew Stafford

John Matthew Stafford (born February 7, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Georgia, and was drafted by the Lions first overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.
Stafford is the fourth quarterback in NFL history to throw over 5,000 yards in a single season, including one of three in the 2011 NFL season (Drew Brees and Tom Brady), and was the fastest player in NFL history to reach 25,000 passing yards (90 games).

Stafford was born in Tampa, Florida, to John and Margaret Stafford. He lived in Dunwoody, Georgia, while his father attended graduate school at the University of Georgia. His family then moved to Dallas, Texas, and Stafford attended Highland Park High School with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw. He was coached by Randy Allen and was widely considered to be one of the best high school quarterbacks in the United States in the Class of 2006, ranked ahead of Tim Tebow.
In 2005, he led his team to a perfect 15–0 record and won the UIL 4A Division I State Championship. During the playoff run, Stafford beat Ryan Mallett’s Texarkana Texas 38–31, as well as Jevan Snead’s Stephenville 41–38. Stafford had over 4,000 yards passing without playing the first three games of the season due to a knee injury. Stafford received numerous accolades including being named to the Parade All-America Team and the USA Today Pre-Season Super 25 in 2005. He also won the MVP and Best Arm awards at the 2005 EA Sports Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and was named the 2005 EA Sports National Player of the Year. Regarded as a five-star recruit by, Stafford was listed as the No bogner jas. 1 pro-style quarterback prospect in the class of 2006 by
Before he had even started a game at the collegiate level, analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. predicted, correctly, that Stafford would eventually be the first pick in the NFL Draft.
Stafford graduated early from high school and enrolled at the University of Georgia in January, where he became the first true freshman quarterback to start for the Georgia Bulldogs football team since Quincy Carter in 1998, and first out of high school to start since Eric Zeier in 1991. Stafford wore number 7 at Georgia. He completed five of 12 passes for 102 yards and one TD in a Georgia spring game.
Stafford debuted late in the season opener of the 2006 season against Western Kentucky and went 3 of 5 passing for 40 yards and a touchdown pass. During the season’s third game, against South Carolina, starting quarterback Joe Tereshinski III was injured, forcing Stafford to come off the bench. Although he completed just 8 of 19 passes for 171 yards and three interceptions, Georgia won the game, 18–0. Against University of Alabama Birmingham the following week, Stafford made his first collegiate start. Georgia won, 34–0. Victories over Colorado and Mississippi improved Georgia’s record to 5–0, but the heart of the conference schedule loomed.
The rest of the season was up and down for Stafford and the Bulldogs. Following home losses to both Tennessee and Vanderbilt, UGA head coach Mark Richt named Stafford the starter for the rest of the season ahead of Tereshinski. Stafford completed 20 of 32 passes for 267 yards and two touchdowns in a 27–24 win over Mississippi State, and was named the SEC Freshmen of the Week for his efforts. Statistically, he had his best game of the season against the 5th-ranked Auburn Tigers. Stafford finished the game 14 of 20 for 219 yards and a touchdown, and added 83 rushing yards and a touchdown on 7 carries in Georgia’s 37–15 upset win. The following week, Stafford led the Bulldogs on a 12-play, 64-yard drive and threw the game-winning touchdown pass in Georgia’s 15–12 win over No. 16 Georgia Tech.
Stafford completed his freshman season by leading Georgia to a 31–24 come-from-behind victory over Virginia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, after the Bulldogs trailed 21–3 at halftime. Stafford threw for 129 yards and a second half touchdown to spark the comeback.
He threw for 234 yards and two touchdowns as the Bulldogs defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the season opener

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. Against Alabama, the Bulldogs avoided an 0–2 start in SEC play by escaping Bryant-Denny Stadium with an overtime win. Stafford connected with senior wide receiver Mikey Henderson on the Bulldogs‘ first play from scrimmage in OT for the winning score. In UGA’s win vs. No. 9 Florida, he completed 11 of 18 passes for 217 yards and three touchdowns, including a career-long TD pass of 84 yards to Mohamed Massaquoi and a 53-yard TD pass to Henderson. The wins over Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech marked the first time that Georgia had defeated all three rivals in the same season since 1982 Bogner Jas sale.
Stafford had 175 yards passing and a TD pass during Georgia’s 41–10 rout of the No. 10 Hawaii Warriors in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. He completed 194 of 348 passes for 2,523 yards (194.1/game) and 19 TDs as well as two rushing TDs for the season.
Stafford was chosen to Athlon’s preseason Heisman Favorites Others To Watch list. Georgia was ranked #1 in both the preseason coaches poll and the AP poll, marking the first time Georgia has ever been #1 in the preseason version of either poll; the team also entered the 2008 season with the longest active winning streak among the 66 BCS conference teams, having won its last 7 games of the 2007 season. In the final regular season game against Georgia Tech, Stafford completed 24 out of 39 attempts for 407 yards and 5 touchdowns, setting a personal record for touchdowns in a single game, albeit a 45–42 loss. Stafford finished the season with 3,459 passing yards, the second most in school history, and 25 touchdowns, the single-season record for passing touchdowns. He also rushed for a touchdown in 2008. After defeating Michigan State 24–12 and winning the MVP of the 2009 Capital One Bowl, Stafford finished his three years at Georgia with a 3–0 record in bowl games and a 6–3 record in rivalry games (1–2 against Florida, 3–0 against Auburn, and 2–1 against Georgia Tech). Stafford chose to forgo his senior season and enter the 2009 NFL Draft.

The so-called „Stafford Effect“ relates to the phenomenon seen at Stafford’s high school alma mater, Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, from 2006–2008, where the number of seniors who applied to University of Georgia rose dramatically in the three years following Stafford’s departure to Athens, Georgia. In 2005, the year before Stafford went to Georgia, 35 seniors applied to the university, compared with 69 in 2006, 75 in 2007, and 106 in 2008. The „Stafford Effect“ was chronicled in a feature story in Stafford’s hometown newspaper, Park Cities People. Stafford remarked in the story, „I’m not sure I have anything to do with it. I think people realize Georgia is a good school to watch football and have a good time, just like in Highland Park.“
Already after the 2008 NFL Draft, several NFL analysts predicted Stafford would be the #1 pick in the 2009 Draft if he chose to leave school early. He eventually did, and on April 24, 2009, agreed to record contract terms with the Detroit Lions to become the first overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, one day before the draft was held. The six-year contract reportedly contained $41.7 million in guaranteed money (the most guaranteed to any player in NFL history until July 30, 2010, when Sam Bradford signed a deal with $50 million guaranteed) and carried a total value of up to $78 million.
On September 6, 2009, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz announced that Stafford would be the Lions‘ permanent starting quarterback heading into the 2009 season. Regarding his decision, Schwartz stated, „This isn’t an internship or an experiment.“ Stafford beat out veteran Daunte Culpepper for the starting job. Stafford made his first start in the NFL on September 13, 2009. He was one of four rookie starters for the Lions (Brandon Pettigrew, Louis Delmas and Sammie Hill) in the season opener against the New Orleans Saints, and was the first Lions rookie quarterback to start the season since Greg Landry in 1968. He completed 16 of 37 passes for 205 yards and 3 interceptions; he was intercepted twice by Darren Sharper, the other time by Scott Shanle. He also ran in a 1-yard touchdown.
In Week 2, he threw his first career touchdown pass when he connected with Calvin Johnson on a 6-yard touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings.
In Week 3, Stafford led the Lions to their first victory since the 2007 season. He completed 21 of 36 for 241 yards and one touchdown in Detroit’s 19–14 win over the Washington Redskins.
In Week 4, Stafford completed 24 of 36 for 296 yards with one touchdown as well as an interception before suffering a knee injury while being sacked in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s 48–24 loss to the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. He underwent further evaluation back in Detroit. Culpepper started in his place in week 5, and again in week 6.
In Week 8, Stafford returned as the starter in the home game against the Rams. Here he threw and completed 14/33 passes for 168 yards, and an interception and was also sacked twice, but he ran for a touchdown which turned out to be the only one of the game for the Lions as well as handing the Rams their only victory of the season as they lost 17–10.
In Week 9, Stafford struggled at the Seahawks going 22/42 for 203 yards with 2 touchdowns but he also threw 5 costly interceptions which remains his career high in the 32–20 loss.
In Week 10, Stafford went 29/51 for 224 yards and a touchdown in the 27–10 loss at the Vikings.
On November 22, 2009, Stafford threw 5 touchdowns in a 38–37 win over the Cleveland Browns, becoming the youngest quarterback ever to do so, being more than a year younger than the former record holder, Dan Marino. In a thrilling ending, Stafford received high acclaim when he stepped back onto the field despite team doctors‘ urge to stay on the sideline after suffering a separated shoulder on the previous play and threw the final touchdown pass as time expired. In addition to the five touchdown passes, Stafford accumulated 422 yards passing, a record for a rookie at that time. For his performance, Stafford won NFC Offensive Player of the Week and Pepsi Rookie of the Week. Stafford was mic’d up for the game for NFL Films. The show’s creator Steve Sabol said it was the most dramatic performance he’s seen in the show’s 30-year history.
To begin Week 12 on Thanksgiving Day, Stafford went 20/43 for 213 yards with a touchdown pass but threw 4 interceptions in the 34–12 loss against the Packers.
In Week 13, Stafford went 11/26 for 143 yards with a touchdown but threw 2 interceptions in the 23–13 loss at the Bengals.
Stafford was placed on injured reserve on December 24 for the minor knee injury. Stafford concluded his rookie season having passed for 2,267 yards,13 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions. In all 10 of the games he started for the Lions he either threw or ran for a touchdown despite the Lions finishing the season 2–8 in games that he starts.
Stafford injured his right shoulder in the season opener against the Chicago Bears on September 12. Stafford returned on October 31 against the Washington Redskins and threw 4 touchdowns to lead the Lions to a 37–25 win. On November 7, Stafford re-injured his right shoulder in the fourth quarter of the Lions 23–20 OT loss to the New York Jets. The Lions announced that Dr. James Andrews had performed surgery on Stafford’s throwing shoulder, which included an AC joint repair and a clavicle shaving. This ended his 2010 season, leaving the Lions at 1–2 in games he started and bringing his career total with the Lions to 3–10.
The Lions opened the season on September 11 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with high expectations. Stafford played well, throwing for 305 yards, 3 TDs, and an interception in a 27–20 win, the first season opener the Lions had won since 2007. Another strong performance followed, with Stafford throwing for 4 TDs, 294 yards, and an interception against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2, leading the Lions to a 48–3 blowout victory, the largest win margin in team history. Stafford won the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week for his performance. In Weeks 3 and 4, Stafford led the team to consecutive comeback victories, a 26–23 overtime comeback victory over the Minnesota Vikings after trailing 20–0 at halftime in Week 3, and a 34–30 win over the Dallas Cowboys after trailing 27–3 with 12:27 left in the 3rd quarter.
Week 5 saw Stafford orchestrate a 24–13 win over the Chicago Bears, going 19 of 26 for 219 yards and 2 touchdowns. This marked the first time the Lions had gone 5–0 since 1956, the year before they won their last NFL Championship. In Week 10 against the Bears, Stafford threw four interceptions, including two that were returned for touchdowns on consecutive drives. The game was marred by a brawl that began when Stafford threw Bears cornerback D.J. Moore to the ground by his helmet during a block on an interception return. In response, Moore attacked Stafford and a sideline-clearing brawl ensued. Stafford was fined $7500 for his role in the brawl.
On November 20, Stafford threw for 335 yards and 5 TDs as the Lions defeated the Carolina Panthers in another comeback, 49–35, after trailing 24–7 in the second quarter. Stafford became the first QB since at least 1950 to win back to back games after trailing by at least 20 points, the first to win three games in a season after trailing by at least 17 points, and the first to win four games in a season after trailing by at least 13 points according to STATS, LLC. (Data before 1950 is incomplete.)
On January 1, 2012, Stafford became the fourth quarterback in NFL history and third in the 2011 season, along with Tom Brady and Drew Brees, to throw for 5,000 passing yards in a season after collecting 520 passing yards against the Green Bay Packers in a 45–41 loss in Week 17. The accomplishment made Stafford the second-youngest quarterback in NFL history to reach 5,000 yards, behind only Dan Marino. Over the last four games of the 2011 regular season, Stafford became the only quarterback in NFL history to pass for over 1,500 yards (1,511) and 14 touchdowns over a four-game span. Stafford and the Lions finished the regular season with a 10–6 record, good enough for the Lions to make their first playoff appearance since 1999.
During the Wild Card Round in the playoffs against the New Orleans Saints, Stafford threw for 380 yards with 3 touchdown passes and 1 rushing touchdown. But he also threw two late picks in the fourth quarter that sealed the loss for the Lions, as they were defeated, 45–28.
Stafford was named a Pro Bowl alternate for the NFC after the 2011 NFL season. He was later named the 2011 Pro Football Weekly Comeback Player of the Year, AP Comeback Player of the Year and NFL Alumni Quarterback of the Year.
While the 2011 season proved to be the best season of Stafford’s young career, 2012 was one full of setbacks. During the opening game against the St. Louis Rams, Stafford threw 3 interceptions and only 1 touchdown pass. The Lions found a way to win the game 27–23. Stafford and the Lions lost the next three games to the 49ers, Titans, and Vikings. In the ensuing weeks, the Lions managed to win three games, including impressive comeback wins against the Seahawks and Eagles, and a dominating performance against the Jaguars. These proved to be the final winning games of the 2012 season as they ended the season with an eight-game losing streak.
Stafford finished the season with 20 touchdown passes, a huge drop compared to the 41 he threw in 2011; 17 interceptions, one more than 2011, and second most in his career since his rookie season; 4,967 passing yards on 727 attempts (an NFL record; the previous record was 691 by Drew Bledsoe); and a QB rating of 79.8, the lowest since his rookie season. He also rushed for a career high 126 yards and 4 touchdowns.
On July 7, 2013, Stafford agreed to a 3-year, $53 million extension with the Lions. He will be guaranteed $41.5 million through 2017.
Stafford completed 23-of-35 passes for 242 yards, one touchdown and one pick on September 29 in a 40–32 win against the Bears. That gave him 14,069 yards through 49 games, surpassing Kurt Warner (13,864) for the best 50-game start to a career.
„I might (reflect on that) when I’m done playing someday,“ Stafford said. „I had no idea about that, or that it was coming. It’s something that I’ll probably look back on when I’m done and realize it was something pretty special.“
Stafford also holds the 50-game record for completions at 1,214, over Marc Bulger’s 1,115. He’s second in career 300-yard passing performances through 50 games at 19, trailing Warner’s 29.
Stafford led the Lions to a 5–3 record entering their mid-season bye. Stafford defeated the Cowboys 31–30 in the final game before the bye, throwing for 488 yards and a touchdown despite two interceptions; down 30–24 with just 62 seconds to work with and no timeouts Stafford completed a 23-yard pass to Calvin Johnson to the Cowboys 1-yard line; he hustled the team to the line as though to spike the ball, but instead jumped over the line for the winning touchdown with 14 seconds to go, to go to 5–3.
However, the Detroit Lions would finish 2–6 the rest of the way to finish with a record of 7–9. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, was later fired following the season. Matthew Stafford finished the 2013 season with 4,650 passing yards, with 29 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.
On January 14, 2014, the Detroit Lions announced Jim Caldwell as their new head coach. The Detroit Lions rebounded from a disappointing 2013 campaign by finishing with an 11–5 record, thus earning the NFC’s 6th seed, their first playoff appearance since 2011. Stafford finished the 2014 season with 4,257 passing yards, with 22 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, and a QB rating of 85.7.
On January 4, 2015, Stafford and the Lions went against the Dallas Cowboys, in a Wild Card Playoff Game. After the Lions had a 20–7 lead in the third quarter, the Cowboys scored 17 unanswered points to win 24–20. Stafford threw 323 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception during the game.
On January 19, 2015, it was announced that Stafford was selected to the 2015 Pro Bowl, his first Pro Bowl appearance. He would be replacing Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos, due to a quad injury. For the game he was named Pro Bowl Offensive MVP, with 316 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and one interception.
On December 13, 2015, Stafford reached 25,000 passing yards in his 90th career game, becoming the fastest quarterback to reach this milestone, surpassing the previous record held by Dan Marino of 92 games. On December 21, Stafford posted a single-game career high in passer rating, and broke Jon Kitna’s single-game franchise record with an 88.0 completion percentage. He completed 22 of 25 passes for 254 yards and three touchdowns in a 35-27 win over the New Orleans Saints. Stafford became the first quarterback to complete 60 percent or more of his passes in all 16 games.
Updated through 2015 season
Stafford and longtime girlfriend, Kelly Hall, married on April 4, 2015. They met at the University of Georgia, where she was a cheerleader.
Stafford and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw were good friends growing up.
Stafford has a weekly segment on Mondays on The Mitch Albom Show with Mitch Albom on Detroit radio station WJR.